• Checkmark Gates and railings systems
  • Checkmark Centro Gate

Gates and Railings Systems

Customer flow systems for all store types. The automated Centro gate combines flexible access and security. The system takes up minimal floor space and helps prevent shoplifting. The Centro range includes tall and short gates and single and twin models. The gates adapt flexibly to stores’ ever-changing requirements and growing capacity. Alarm systems, which are available as optional accessories, complete the seamless package.

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Checkmark’s rail systems provide a handy solution for managing queues. The system comprises modular posts and horizontal bars that are available either in chrome or with a paint finish.

Glass and metal plates

The rail system includes tall posts suitable for mounting glass and metal plates. Plates are particularly well suited for separating areas of the store: ”a shop with in shop” or for directing customer flow.
Glass modules are made of laminated glass. Standard heights for modules are 1,080, 1,200, 1,850, 1,970, 2,200 and 2,400 mm. Glass modules can be combined with a painted and/or perforated metallic board.