• Checkout counter Optimal Twin
  • Checkout counter Optimal
  • Checkout counter Optimal

All you need is Optimal

The new OPTIMAL checkout is easy to adapt to suit the needs of your business. Modular design enables changes that are even easier to implement. OPTIMAL checkouts can accommodate all accessories in use and meet all ergonomic requirements

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Checkout new features

-Three shelves standard
-IT cabinet maintenance hatch located on the customer side. Maintenance does not disturb the cashier.
-The IT system is located in an enclosed space and does not become damaged or attract dust.
-The trash bin is behind the packing shelf, making packing your shopping easy.
-The rear conveyor is more spacious and its high edge prevents larger items from falling to the floor
-The checkout counter has ample storage space for alarms, receipt rolls, cleaning equipment etc.

Avainlippu - Made in Finland

Finnish product

Products are 90% made in Finland
100% recyclable