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  • Checkout counter Festival
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  • Festival Checkout counter
  • Festival Checkout counter

FESTIVAL, number one in supermarket checkouts

Festival checkouts are reliable, ergonomic and spacious. Their stylish design is a showpiece for the store's checkout area and image. Available in single and twin models.

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Checkout counter features

-A roller area between conveyors facilitates cashiers' work
-A money box located under the rollers decreases the risk of theft
-A swinging packing shelf enables easy cleaning
-Stopping, reversing and force-feeding the rear conveyor speed up customer flow
-Cleaning and maintenance cabinets keep the area tidy and facilitate maintenance
-The front panel can be painted to suit the store's colour scheme
-The checkout counter has ample storage space in lockable cabinets and drawers

Made in Finland

Finnish product

Products are 90% made in Finland
100% recyclable